BLDEA has laid considerable emphasis on imparting quality education, cutting across professional and general institutions and create new standards in research and allied activities. All its institutions have a reputation for their unwavering commitment to excellence and expanding the horizons of knowledge. For the benefit of its employees, the association is established a HRDC for training its human resources.

The aim of the Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC) is to equip the individuals, belonging to different fields of work, with necessary skills to meet the ever mounting challenges and inculcate in them the pride of belonging to the particular profession to which they belong. The prime objective of the HRDC is to cater to the needs of the teachers/ principals, research scholars, non-academic staff and to enhance their knowledge/skills through systematic course work and methodologies.

About HRDC

Human resource development Centre helps prepare employees for future posts with aim to develop new attitudes, skills and knowledge to take on leadership positions.

It helps to identify the employee’s strengths and weaknesses to create effective Association/Organization succession planning strategies to achieve the Association/Organization goals.

HRDC will serve the purpose of recruitment, Promotions/Appraisals and Training of our employees

Period of Growth

The specific objectives of HRDC are:

To focus on different modes of approach in order to meet the challenges of life in order to become not merely a trained professional but also a better citizen.

To organize advanced level capacity enhancement and continuous knowledge up-gradation training programs for people working in different capacities and roles.

To conduct programs to build research, teaching and administration competence for holistic development of individuals.

To understand the importance of education in general and higher education in particular to Indian and global contexts.

To acquire and improve basic skills of Teaching and also the use of latest Technologies (online software tools) in teaching and learning process.

To be aware of the latest developments in their specific subject.

To understand the link between education and economic, social and cultural development of the country.

To develop skills for online teaching and reach out to students across the world overcoming the constrains of geography and time.

To develop one’s personality and creativity and become inspirational role models for the students.


HRDC Programs for the year 2023


Centre Name: V P Dr. P G Halakatti College of Engineering and Technology, Vijayapur
Sl. No Program Title Date & Venue Who can attend Action
1.     Innovative Teaching; Student centric methods 13-10-2023 to 14-10-2023 Open to all Faculty members Enroll
2.     Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enabled teaching; challenges of Teachers 03-11-2023 to 04-11-2023 Seminar Hall, BLDEACET Open to all Faculty members Enroll
3.     Faculty Development Program (FDP) on building effective teaching skills. 23-11-2023 to 25-11-2023 Seminar Hall, BLDEACET Faculty members with less than 8-years teaching experience in BLDEA Enroll
4.     Program on creating residential environment in teaching 14-12-2023 to 16-12-2023 Vivekananda Gallery Hall, BLDEACET Open to all Faculty members Enroll
5.     Orientation program on teaching qualities 22-12-2023 Seminar Hall, BLDEACET Faculty members with less than 5-years teaching experience in BLDEA Enroll


Centre Name: SSM College of Pharmacy and Research Centre, Vijayapur
Sl. No Program Title Date & Venue Who can attend Action
1.       “Scientific writing” one day Training program  06/07/2023, Seminar hall SSM COP, Vijayapur. Professional college staff members having Less than 08 years of experience   Enroll 
2.       Scientific communications     Enroll 
3.       Art of synopsis writing     Enroll 
4.       Research Methodology     Enroll 


Centre Name: A S Patil College of Commerce (Autonomous), Vijayapur
Sl. No Program Title Date & Venue Who can attend Action
1.       Leadership and administration     Enroll 
2.       Managerial skills     Enroll 
3.       Proficiency and efficiency development programs     Enroll 
4.       Soft skills and smart work     Enroll 
5.       Team work     Enroll 


Centre Name: SB Arts and KCP Science College, Vijayapur
Sl. No Program Title Date & Venue Who can attend Action
1.       Stress Management     Enroll
2.       Situations of 21st century     Enroll 
3.       Holistic teaching approach     Enroll 
4.       Human values and caring     Enroll 
5.       Inclusiveness in development of organizations     Enroll 


Centre Name: JSS College of Education, Vijayapur
Sl. No Program Title Date & Venue Who can attend Action
1.       Basic computer operation     Enroll 
2.       Letter drafting and email communications     Enroll 
3.       Documentation and records maintenance     Enroll 
4.       Policies and regulations of association, universities and apex bodies     Enroll 
5.       Excel Training Programme  29th May to 3rd June 2023   Enroll